iPhone vs. Blackberry – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone vs. Blackberry – Which Should You Choose?


Whilst past generations have had their cultural face-offs, such as the Mods and Rockers and the punks and the yuppies, today we seem to be faced with a more technological fight on our hands: iPhone vs. Blackberry.  If you work in media, or are in any way involved with technology or business, chances are that you will have had to pick a side and pledge your allegiance to either the Kingdom of Apple or the House of Blackberry.  But which one is actually the better phone?

Well, as I write for an iPhone App website, you may think that I am biased, but I have experienced my fair share of problems with the latest offspring from Apple, so, after borrowing my girlfriend’s Blackberry, I compared the two with a completely open mind.

Ok, starting with the aesthetic appeal of the two phones, the iPhone is definitely more pleasing to the eye, however they are so flimsy that you have to sheath them in a case to stop them from smashing their screens the first time that you drunkenly drop your phone.  Luckily you can get some pretty cool cases and the ability to ‘pimp your iPhone’ is definitely a plus.  The Blackberry, on the other hand, simply comes with an industry standard black plastic casing around the phone, making it more durable but less flashy.

Apps and games are all very well, but who would win in a fight?!

Continuing the practical sensibilities of the Blackberry, it’s office applications means that it’s perfect for the busy businessman on the go, keeping up with his emails and correspondence; sure, the iPhone has email functions and diaries, but the Blackberry is like a mini office in your pocket.  So, if your life revolves around organizing meetings, contacting businesses and knowing which spreadsheet to use, then the Blackberry has it all.  On the other hand, when it comes to organizing your personal life, the iPhone has all sorts of handy apps that can keep you in touch with friends around the world for free, (Viber, Skype, What’s App), various fun diary apps and a user-friendly interface on which to conduct your daily comings and goings.  So, if you are not the 9 till 5, suit wearing office monkey, then an iPhone trumps the Blackberry every time.

Talking of the interface, the iPhone’s touch screen is simply fantastic, especially on the later models such as the iPhone 4.  The clarity of the screen, sharpness of the camera lens and fluidity of the swipe mechanisms means that it is a joy to use.  The Blackberry, however, uses a very fiddly mini-mouse, which is actually quite useful for scrolling around when you get used to it, but can be pretty annoying in those first few weeks.  Even the new Blackberry touchscreens are no match for what Apple has to offer.

The main swinging factor for the iPhone is that it has a multitude of various apps in so many different genres, so you can pretty much organize or aid any area of your life with your phone.  Hungry?  Find a nearby restaurant with the Around Me app.  Need to work out?  The iFitness app gives personal trainers everywhere a run for their money! Bored?  Play the hugely addictive Angry Birds app, (this will keep you entertained for hours on end…you have been warned.)

Well, there we have it guys.  The iPhone is the out and out winner, with more apps than you can shake a stick at and a far more accessible and versatile interface and user platform.  (That is, unless you are a suited and booted businessman who can’t afford a secretary to schedule his meetings, in which case you shouldn’t be browsing blogs, get back to work!)


  1. Biased and untrue. Please compare lists of each phone’s detailed specifications and functions before you decide on a winner.


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