Imo Instant Messenger: Advanced chat platform!

Imo Instant Messenger: Advanced chat platform!

Imo Instant Messenger iPhone App Review
Let’s get talking!

It’s safe to say that the majority of iPhone and iPad users predominantly use their devices to communicate in some way. From instant messages to Facebook chats, we would just be lost without a reliable and effective way to chat, pass on information, communicate and have a good old fashioned gossip!

With so many options and ways of communicating, it makes perfect sense to combine these available methods into one simple app. Imo Instant Messenger does just that by providing access to some of the most popular instant messaging platforms in one single location. The app uses your existing IM accounts to access 11 major messaging platforms including, Facebook chat, Skype, MSN, Google Talk, MySpace and Yahoo. In addition, the app features group chats, photo and video sharing. The most impressive and useful feature of the app is its voice calling capabilities and voice instant messaging feature, which turns your device into a walkie-talkie. The app also supports simultaneous chatting sessions on different devices, allowing you to start a conversation on your iPhone and pick it up later on your iPad. This is great in situations of low battery!

The app works best when notifications are switched on, as users can then receive alerts from imo when the app is not in use. The app is clearly set out, allows quick access to your Instant Messenger accounts and is an organised way to keep on chatting! This is a must have app for anyone who accesses a range of instant messaging platforms.


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