iKit NuCharge: iPhone 5 Case and Battery Pack in one

iKit NuCharge: iPhone 5 Case and Battery Pack in one


iKit NuCharge


Apple accessories manufacturer iKit has unveiled the NuCharge – the first iPhone 5 case to offer an interchangeable battery pack and case cover in a single, slim case.


Users have the option to sport a case cover in a variety of Pantone colours or swap it out for a 1900 mAh battery pack in either black or white.


NuCharge consists of a snap-on case designed to stay on at all times featuring built-in grooves that connect to either a fashionable case cover or a battery pack – interchangeable whenever the user desires.


The slim, lightweight design provides unobstructed access to the Lightning, microphone, speaker and camera ports, allowing users to listen to headphones, sync directly using their cable and listen to the phone’s speakers without having to remove the case.


The integrated Lightning connector is made from strong TPE material, and an integrated kickstand has been added to offer landscape and portrait viewing.


The 1900 mAh battery features unique technology to prevent overheating during use, while doubling iPhone 5 battery life and extending talk/web time up to 8 hours. LED indicators on the side panel indicate the amount of battery life remaining.


The NuCharge is available in either aluminum or leather finishes, with additional options to be tentatively announced later in the campaign.


Support the iKit NuCharge by pledging your contribution on Kickstarter. Pledges start at $59 for a NuCharge with a single Pantone case cover and go upwards to $89 for a limited time chrome edition, with options to accessorise with different colour case covers for $9 each.


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