iJail: An Encyclopaedia Of UK Crime

iJail: An Encyclopaedia Of UK Crime


iJail iPad App Review

Have you ever wondered how long you could be facing in jail should you be unlucky enough to be caught for doing a par.

iJail is an interesting app which serves as a possibly useful resource for anyone who either is contemplating a crime, happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or someone studying law and not fussed on learning all the complicated stuff. Instead, this app is a stripped down version of common crimes and offenses in the UK, their definition, the punishment you would receive for the various degrees of severity and any mitigating factors which could help you get away with it.

As a journalist who studied law, had I been able to have an easy to digest version of the law I would have been really grateful. True, it does skip some crimes but in general it could be a useful reference for a bulk of crimes.

I would certainly not use this app in building up a defence case should I be plotting or trying to plead my innocence – the chances are you’ll still need a lawyer who knows a thing or two about law. However, it could be handy to know why someone may walk free and how others don’t.


  • Covers and simplifies a lot of UK crimes
  • Easy to navigate
  • Nice bite-size chunks of info


  • It ignores a lot of offences
  • It could help criminals get away with it
  • Unclear what Band A or B etc means in terms of punishment



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