Not As Sexy As Joan Holloway But Far More Convenient, Introducing: Air...

Not As Sexy As Joan Holloway But Far More Convenient, Introducing: Air Printer



In the days of Mad Men, Don Draper had a bevy of plaid-clad beauties to do all of his printing work for him (they may have performed other duties as well but Peggy will never know for sure). These day’s you couldn’t get away with such office shenanigans but you are able to have a file manager and printer conveniently located in your pocket. Now we’re not saying that carrying Joan around in your pocket all day would be an altogether bad thing but installing Air Printer – Manage and print your own documents, by Pilcrow AG would certainly be a bit easier.

Air Printer is a file management app that allows you to convert all different types of files such as;
html, rtf ,txt, png, jpg, gif, MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), Apple iWork (Keynote, Pages and Numbers) with more being added every update and convert them into a pdf format, allowing you to easily print or share your documents whilst connected to wifi.

The straightforward interface is intuitive and easy to use; you can either upload your files or scan hard copies straight into the app using your phone’s camera. You can also create new files within the app and gain access whilst offline.

Air Printer natively links to the file storing apps on your phone which means that you can easily gain access to all of your emails, photos and videos, then organise and share them straight from the app.

Although priced at $2.99 if you weigh it up against the average salary of a secretary (especially one of Joan’s, ahh, caliber) then you’re looking to save a pretty penny, a lot of time and yourself from a world of disorganisation.

If you’d like to get air-printing then download the app from the App Store today!



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