Ice Tales: Remember Qbert?

Ice Tales: Remember Qbert?


Ice Tales iPad App Review

For retro gamers there’s a trip down memory lane with this little title Ice Tales. What you must do is help your little penguin navigate his way safely around the obstacle mazes whilst avoiding the attentions of a variety of nasty bad guys who’ll cost you a life.

As with most games you start with three lives. Unlike the traditional up/down/left/right or thumb control HUD (head up display) the controls are a simple case of sweeping in the direction you would like your penguin to go in. The speed your penguin travels is also determined with how vigorously you make your sweeping movements.

In terms of difficulty, the levels get increasingly more difficult to move around safely. The first few are really just for you to get familiar with the hazards, controls and abilities you can use along the way. For example, a mysterious orb renders you safe from any harm for a limited amount of time, but this means you have to work smart to not waste it (as these orbs are few and far between). Jumping also will come in handy when you come across baddies like crabs, which will otherwise cost you a life.

Overall if you like games like Pac-Man and other such retro titles then this will certainly entertain you. It’s ideal for young gamers now as it was when we first got to play such basic titles.


  • Entertaining
  • Addictive
  • Lots of levels to master


  • A little repetitive
  • No HUD could upset the more purist retro gamers


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