Hungryhouse: A Fantastic Home Delivery iPhone App

Hungryhouse: A Fantastic Home Delivery iPhone App


Hungryhouse iPhone App Review

There’s nothing quite like a takeaway on a Monday morning, especially after a weekend of excess; I found myself in this situation at the beginning of this week and I started to get a little worried. I have had some fantastic takeaways in my time, but I’ve also had some really dodgy ones, meals that have left me ill for days, nursing my stomach as I curse the delivery boy who clearly hadn’t washed his hands for a few months prior to handing me my meal. So, the promise of an iPhone app that could deliver a great takeaway every time seemed too good to be true…well it wasn’t!

Hungryhouse operates with a fairly simple premise, yet with a complexity to its depth that really makes it stand out as a truly useful iPhone app. Basically, you sign up to the website and download the free app, which transfers all of your details, (name, delivery address and contact number and email), on to your account that can be accessed from both the website and the app. It then gives you a list of takeaways in your surrounding area, with a menu and star rating system that other customers have used to rate and leave comments on each individual takeaway. This is an excellent way in which to gauge which takeaway is going to deliver the right meal for you.

The app is particularly user-friendly and gives a list of options for your meals; a nice touch is that you can nametag each item so that if you are splitting the bill, it calculates exactly who owes what. We had a divine Indian curry from The Zest of India that I am still picking at today, seeing as the portions were so generous and delicious. All in all, hungryhouse seems like a bit of a winner!


  1. I totally agree with your review. I have used this app since it’s release day and it’s great.

    There’s nothing better than browsing a local takeaway menu on your iphone and then ordering your evenings meal while on the train home. Only to have it delivered at s requested time.

    Great stuff. The app is user friendly and very easy to navigate

    I would highly recommend this and HungryHouse


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