How To Send Messages For Free on Your iPhone

How To Send Messages For Free on Your iPhone


How To: Send Messages For Free on Your iPhone

Text messaging has been one of the foremost phenomenons of the past ten years, with everyone from schoolchildren to grandparents keeping up with their peers via the simple and effective power of ‘the text’. Of course, the like any good trend, ‘The Man’ will always look to capitalize upon it, and this is no exception, with charges and rates for text messaging costing many people a sizeable amount of their monthly wage/pocket money.

Well, here’s away to stick it to ‘The Man’ and get around paying exorbitant bills for messaging your friends; simply search the App Store for a free Instant Messaging App that will allow you to keep in constant communication with your friends and family for absolutely nothing. They all have various pros and cons, but some of them, like ‘Text Me!’ is like a cross between instant messaging and text messaging, with an inbox and live chat option. Put two fingers up to the establishment and a thumb down on your keypad as you text away to your heart’s content!



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