How To Save Money on iPhone Apps

How To Save Money on iPhone Apps


How To: Save Money on iPhone Apps
Here at iPhoneAppCafe, iPhone Apps are our bread and butter; however, at the prices some of these App developers charge it’s more like lobster and caviar! We understand that not everyone can afford to download the latest Apps every single day, so why not follow these money saving tips on getting the most out of your Apps for the least amount of money!

The best thing you can do with regards to gaming Apps is search for a free version of the App to test it out before you invest; this way, if it’s useless then you haven’t wasted a few quid. Also, many developers have full versions of their App for free; it’s just that you have to put up with a bit of advertising, which can be a small price to pay in relation to the price tag! Research your Apps before investing; just because they have a fancy website with positive ‘quotes’, then it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily worth the money, so make sure that you read reviews of any App that you are about to buy. One last piece of advice; there are websites such as ‘FreeAppAlert’ which give you daily updates as to the best Apps on the market that you don’t have to sign up for…surely this makes sound financial sense?!



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