How To Create a Silent Ringtone for your iPhone

How To Create a Silent Ringtone for your iPhone


How To Create a Silent Ringtone for your iPhone

This tip is for anybody who has ever suffered the red-faced shame of having a quirky ringtone emit at an ear-piercing volume from their iPhone at a work meeting, a wedding, or worse, a funeral. (You wish you were dead…sorry, poor taste.) Now, obviously you can click the iPhone’s switch to silent, however this is not always the easiest thing to remember on a busy day, or worse still, a rogue piece of pocket change could flick the switch back on to loud. The easiest way to avoid embarrassment or receive incoming calls in private is to download an empty AAC file that has been converted into an iPhone ringtone and add it to your iTunes; then sync your iPhone to your computer and enable the ringtone as your incoming call alert…then just sit back and enjoy the show as some other poor fool is ushered out of the church by a vicious Priest! Download the file by clicking here.


  1. I downloaded the silent ringtone – I can see it in the file – synched my phone but it doesn’t show up as a ringtone on my phone – any suggestions? Clearly I am doing something wrong 🙁

  2. Doubleclick the file to play it in Itunes which should add it to your ringtone list( under library section). Next attach your phone and check the ringtone tab for the phone (highlight your phone under device tab on left and select Rintones tab on top horizontal bar) to make sure you have the silent ringtone checked to be synced or sync all ringtones. Hope this helps.

  3. David Harfield — the file is named ‘SilentRing.m4r.mp4’. iTunes will see that it’s a .mp4 and import it as a regular music file. The .mp4 needs to be dropped, so that it’s named ‘SilentRing.m4r’, then it will import properly as a ringtone file. It can then be synced with the phone, etc.

    Thanks for creating this!

  4. Wow! Thank you sooooooo much for this. I looked at all the “silent ringtones” in the iTunes store and every one had multiple bad reviews that they didn’t work. Then I find your file and badabing! I’m in business. I have an incessant caller/texter that wakes me up every night and now I have a solution!

    You’re the best. I’m bookmarking this site now.

  5. Thanks works great, had a Problem with my mute button. It didn’t seem to turn my iphone on to silent it just wouldn’t work. This solved the problem.

  6. After 20 calls from a telemarketer today, I followed your directions and it works great! Thanks! I also switched it “no vibrate”.


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