How to activate your O2 voicemail on iPhone

How to activate your O2 voicemail on iPhone


If like me you are new to O2 then you need to remember to activate the voicemail. When I switched from Vodafone to O2 I didn’t know that my voicemail on the new O2 network wasn’t active.

To activate and setup your voicemail:

1. Dial 1750 to active

2. Record your personal greetings by dialling 901

3. Change the number of rings before it goes to voicemail by dialling: **61*901*11* number of seconds to ring followed by #. The number of seconds to ring has to be one of these: 5,10,20, or 25 seconds.

What I really like about the O2 voicemail on my iPhone is the visual voicemail. The allows me to see a list of voice messages and listen to the one I want without the need of dialling the voice mail.

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  1. Thanks so much – the code for setting up N of rings for O2 voicemail is very helpful, and it really does work!


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