How 3D technology has changed online casino in Canada and around the...

How 3D technology has changed online casino in Canada and around the world


The era of three-dimensional computer graphics began with timid attempts by the creators of the first video games to change the perception of space on the monitor. The Spasim computer game, released in 1974, seemed like a technological breakthrough because the objects on the screen looked voluminous and moved in three directions in the coordinate system. Soon, Speed Freak, Tapper, and Battlezone appeared. Innovative ideas for using 3D in games have become the industry standard.

In the 1990s, 3D technology evolved towards giving the computer image maximum realism. Representatives of the interactive entertainment industry have relied on modern graphics. Three-dimensional models began to appear in slot machines in the best online casino of Canada and around the world. This process accelerated with the development of the Internet when it became possible to run video slots on a desktop computer.

At first, the developers digitalized the existing gaming machines for online casinos. So, there were remakes of casino games for personal computers. Employees of the studios using visual effects tried to achieve the effect of presence in the casino thanks to 3D slots. Such games were much more successful among gamblers than “flat” slots in online casinos. Players spent more time playing video slots with 3D graphics. For developers, it became a signal to concentrate on creating such games. The first gambling 3D games appeared, created specifically for the virtual environment.

Best developers of slots for online casinos

Modern manufacturers of slot machines are almost universally focused on the use of three-dimensional graphics. Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Yggdrasil Gaming became the trendsetters in this area. Their video slots sometimes resemble Hollywood blockbusters, animated films, or console games. This similarity is even more emphasized when studios take untwisted plots for video slots. There were 3D slots like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jungle Book, Jumanji, Dragonz and many more. You can play them, for example, at the Casinonic casino.

Graphics in modern casino games

Graphic perfection in modern slot machines is supported by innovative ideas in terms of gameplay, original bonus features, and first-class sound. Thanks to this perfect mix we receive masterpieces from the world of interactive entertainment. 3D slots pick up gamblers into a whirlpool of emotions and make them immerse in the gameplay.

Further development of gambling will follow the path of even greater improvement of technology. Slot machine manufacturers are closely following trends in the film and video game industry. Video slot developers are already striving to use the capabilities of virtual and augmented reality in gambling.

The first VR-slots appeared and several software developers even made attempts to create three-dimensional gaming rooms for VR devices. This will further bring the sensation of gamblers from visiting modern online casinos and traditional land-based establishments.


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