Horoscope!: What’s Your Future?

Horoscope!: What’s Your Future?


Horoscope iPhone App Review
I have to admit, I love free apps. I have apps just to help me find free apps. I think it is possible I have app overload. Honestly. When I find a free app that is even better than its paid counterparts I have to giggle with glee like a little kid in a candy store. That is how I felt when I was given the opportunity to test out this little gem.


  • Colorful
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Facebook and Twitter connect
  • If you don’t know your sign, you can easily tap the “Your sign” button, put in your date of birth and your sign is automatically given
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope


  • None for me, but some might find the banner ad at the bottom annoying. But that’s what makes it free!
  • No bells and whistles. For me that’s fine, but some folks like that stuff.

Really folks, its free. It’s pretty and its fun to just download and see what could be happening in your life. I think it might surprise you just how accurate (even if they are general) these horoscopes can be. I really enjoy reading my horoscope and will be keeping this app for a while. I have tested a lot of freebie horoscope apps and this is by far the best one to date.



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