Happy Time: The Weather App That Makes You Smile, Even when it’s...

Happy Time: The Weather App That Makes You Smile, Even when it’s Raining!

Happy Time iPhone App Review
Rain just got a little less dreary!

Come rain or shine this little app will attempt to brighten up your day. It uses your current location, if you want it to, and provides you with the time, date and a very basic weather summary with temperature. The weather descriptions are as simple as ‘chance of rain’ and temperatures are given in °C or °F, whichever you prefer. Looking at a few days ahead at once you are given a minimum and a maximum temperature but on a single, current day forecast you only get one.

The main display is quite pleasing to the eye, with the option to change the theme; currently the only options are a Winter theme or a Valentines one. The Winter theme is more like a Christmas one so it seems it is more each major holiday that gets its own theme.

The weather forecast doesn’t appear to be very accurate, apparently there is a chance of rain today yet it has been sunny all day! Maybe it’s having an off day. It also doesn’t seem to ask about changing location when you’re in a different place, so its unclear if it does this automatically or if once you’ve set it to your initial location that’s it.

If you are really bored cupid has a game for you on the Valentines theme! Rotate your iPhone and try and get all four numbers of the time showing the same wings, heart or bow! Not that you seem to gain anything from doing this, it doesn’t even seem to register you manage it! We must’ve forget the confetti falling in the background to distract you, which apart from being a battery drain doesn’t actually add anything to the app.

Overall it’s a pretty app but apart from that it’s just a basic weather app that’s not always very accurate. It provides a bit of entertainment for a few minutes but the novelty soon wears off.


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