Guided By Glow leaves you Relax and Energetic

Guided By Glow leaves you Relax and Energetic


Meditation is well know to relax and create an amazing atmosphere and mindful balance. People meditate for a number of different reasons, either to train the brain for better attention, awareness, emotionally and mentally clear the waste from their mind. Meditation have been practiced in numerous religion, however you don’t need to be religious to learn how to focus your mind and all you need is an app. One such app is Guided By Glow.

Guided By Glow aim is to “create a transformational practice of awakening the sensual feeling body that ignites imagination and cultivates a positively thriving sexuality.” With amazing and creative audio sounds and stories, the app is targeted towards women who want to achieve a healthy mind and lifestyle.

The founder tells us the story behind the app, “I wanted a judgement-free and highly erotic space for women to explore and expand their relationship with their sexuality, but found that the audio erotica available was not the experience I was seeking as an artist and deeply meditative person. “My vision was to combine the natural positivity and glow induced by an orgasm with the mental and physical satisfaction of meditation for a more elevated aural experience — something we haven’t really seen in this space before.”

Sessions offer:

• A guided immersive experience where you are the center of attention. We’re not narrators, we’re artists, healers, wellness practitioners

• A path toward intimacy with your own desires. Each meditation is about you. It’s about sensing, feeling, imagining & claiming what it is that you want

• A safe sensory space to practice consensual intimate encounters. Pause, stop or cancel at any time: you have full control

• Relaxation techniques to help you get in tune with your body

• Guided imagery of sexy encounters & intimacy


• 45+ immersive sessions, each 10-20 minutes

• New original content added weekly

• Experiences with You + Her, Him or Them

• Intimate cues underscored by transcendent music

• Categories to keep you from negative surprises

• Ad free, cancel anytime

• Choose your favorite voices & sessions

• Search by theme or voice


• Direct Guidance: the guide + you, no frills

• Instant Chemistry: instant magnetic pull between two people

• Beyond Binary: an experience with someone gender fluid

• Ritual: elevated self love

• Group: you+more than one

• Massage: relax and wind down

Guided By Flow is free to download but offers subscription such as a monthly $8.99 or yearly $47.99 to unlock the full version.

Download Guided By Glow from the App Store and Google Play Store for free.


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