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Have you ever wanted a real edge when it comes to job applications? And I don’t just mean a well-timed compliment that goes down the way it should. I’m talking about some premeditated advantage that can give you a certain peace of mind walking into the room. Something to ease the potential employer’s minds too, get them thinking; ‘maybe this guy or girl is EXACTLY the type of person we need. Maybe everyone wins here’. Well, there’s a cool little tool to help you find this harmonious career fit. Acting like a progressive LinkedIn, is a lot more fun and a lot more worthy of your time. It’s also free and out right now on Android. is a revolutionary new app with a very unique selling point; and once you learn what it is, it seems startlingly obvious all along, which I suppose is the hallmark of any good idea. The app propositions you with a personality test, the type you’ve probably encountered before – you’re confronted with situations like ‘while waiting at the airport, you…a) chat with a stranger or b) play Candy Crush’, and you position a dial on one side or the other, depending on your answer. The quizzes are based in part on the so-called ‘Big Five Personality Traits’, which include ‘Openness’, ‘Conscientiousness’, ‘Extroversion’, ‘Agreeableness’ and ‘Neuroticism’, so they’re genuinely probing questions based on scientific method, despite featuring Candy Crush.

Once you’ve completed the quiz you’re assigned a trio of types, out of a possible sixteen, while the tone of the app makes it clear that no one type is better than the other; they all have their uses. This is the crux of the app. Once your designated your types, the app then matches you with prospective colleagues and career opportunities. This is useful on both sides of the line; companies will appreciate the chance to briefly assess a candidate before making contact, and potential employees will gain confidence knowing they’re already a good fit for the job, despite not yet having spoken a word!

The types on offer are pretty entertaining, and as with any personality test, it’s always enlightening to find out where you fit. At the conclusion of my own, I was christened a Maverick, a Straight Shooter and a Protector. Evidently, I’m best suited a hunting down a renegade posse of bad bastards, an avenger straight out of the old American West, an Eastwood-esque outlaw of mystery. Career fit? Maybe not! Either way, it gives me a solid idea of what my strengths are, while also providing a clearer picture of which area of work I should focus on. If you’re looking for a little guidance in today’s competitive company culture, pick up It’s a great start.

Get evaluating at Google Play and make an assessment for free today!


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