MailWise: Get Smart With Your Email

MailWise: Get Smart With Your Email



I literally dread sending emails via my phone. Whether it’s via hotmail or gmail (I foolishly operate both, doubling the margin for error), I hate sending mail on the go. There’s too much that can go wrong! One wayward slide of a finger and off it goes (as the actress said to the bishop), half-formed, delivered to the wrong person, or replied to all when you intended singular. Not to mention, with all the clutter that piles up onscreen, it’s tough to navigate, especially if the person you’re talking with has a penchant for extravagant signatures or a tendency to ‘over-mail’. If you feel the same, allow me to introduce you to MailWise, a smart little app that helps you streamline your email accounts into one handy interface. It’s free, and it’s out now for Android.

‘Read what you need’ is the tagline for MailWise, and it’s an excellent summation of their approach; the app lets you cut out all the dressing and focus on what’s really essential in the message. In doing so, the app solves the main drawback in sending email via phone. The result is a ‘clean’ conversation, free of unnecessary clutter like headers, footers, signatures, and any other repetitive information. You’re presented with the text in a direct, readable fashion. If you’re like me and can’t stand the hassle of emailing via smartphone, this approach is a godsend.

It’s mercifully simple to set up too. MailWise handles all the usual suspects, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, giving it a distinct advantage over its nearest competitors, which are usually limited to one or two accounts. For each account you can change the settings and frequency of your checks, as well as set alerts; for example, if you’re most connected to your Gmail, you can set a notification which tells you when something comes in to that account. If you have a secondary Yahoo account that you use sporadically, you can choose to check that on your own terms. All this interface is straightforward to handle too, a breeze to navigate and keep track of.

Also with MailWise, despite the high traffic of information that the app correlates, it’s remarkably stable and secure. They guarantee your privacy too, which will come as a relief to some! All in all, this app is a winner; a genuine life-simplifier (if that’s a word…) that works wonders with its straightforward, direct approach. As beneficial to the casual emailer as it is to small businesses which operate on the move, I recommend giving it a go – MailWise is an app you soon won’t want to be without.

Deliver yourself to the Google Play today to get smart with MailWise for free!


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