7 iPhone Apps Developers & Designers Will Love

7 iPhone Apps Developers & Designers Will Love



There are around 1.2 million apps in App Store, generating over $10 billion in revenue for developers. The availability of such huge number of applications is one of the reasons why iPhone is so popular, aside from its aesthetic design and amazing features. There are even tonnes of appealing iPhone apps for web developers and designers that they’ll find really helpful.

Here, we have compiled a list of 8 iPhone apps (4+4) for developers and designers ranging from database apps to color apps.

Apps for Developers

1. Coda

This all-in-one text editor is developed by Panic. This app allows developers to create a fast, clean website with pixel-perfect preview. It features a built-in way to manage local and remote files. Besides, Coda is loaded with various time-saving features like autocomplete along with a built-in FTP tool. It is extremely easy to add style to the webpages using Coda, thanks to its various built-in CSS tools.
The latest version available is Coda 2.5, which is available to all Coda 2 owners for free of charge. The new release has significantly enhanced its speed where the Syntax highlighting up to 4-10 times faster and Symbol parsing is around 10 times faster. It also looks nicer with the completely refreshed UI.

They’ve also made some editor improvements in Coda 2.5 including vertical indentation guides, color-coded visual or traditional tabs and a customizable column guide. The company also claimed in their blog that the plug-ins are significantly more powerful in the latest version. It is not available in Mac App Store, although it allows migration.

2. RegEX Cheat Sheet

This iPhone app is more than your regular cheat sheet. With RegEX Cheat Sheet you can look at a few commands and syntaxes and more. It allows you to test those commands and syntaxes inside the app as well. In addition, you can test other self-created syntaxes to check whether or not they will function properly. This app works completely offline and is best used for works completely offline.
RegEX Cheat Sheet can be used as a library to various vital cheat sheets for popular language including Java, PERL, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and more.

3. Developer’s Tool Kit

This simple toolkit is very useful for developers for coding purposes. You can use it for coding both websites and software. Developer’s Tool Kit app makes calculations and finding colors easy. Thanks to its simple, helpful built-in calculator you can make your calculations faster, unlike any other calculator. It also provides access to the exotic characters for web development and ROFLcopter artwork.

You will have access to the ANSI UTF-8 character code or Unicode for any given symbol. There are more than 10,000 characters including official names and images. You can display them in various ways in your code, files, etc.
However, searching the Unicode characters by group or by number is often painful, given the huge number of characters available. The trick is to search by name as kit is fairly easy and you can find one quickly by clicking on the alphabet index.

4. Database Viewer Plus

Using the Database Viewer Plus app you can open up your Windows-created database on your iPhone. In other words, you can synchronize any desktop database with your iPhone using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Besides, you can create tables, forms and queries for your database right on the iPhone.
One of the best features of Database Viewer Plus app is that it can sync with complex database software including SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, and any other ODBC compliant database. Using this app, you can easily transport and edit any database for any software or application.

Along with the app, you also have to download their desktop software to sync as well as access the database on your computer from anywhere, anytime using Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

Apps for Designers

1. Sketches

An amazing app, Sketches is for designers who need to sketch fast. Creativity is often a stoke of imagination, which can come and go in a blink of an eye. There are times when a designer need to make a sketch quickly and in a precise manner before it is forgotten.
The iPhone app Sketches does the job. It provides features like artistic brushes, clip-art, and shapes to make sketching easy and lightning fast. Additional features include natural, panning, and fast zooming. You can even change the background layer anytime.
Sketches app, with its host of feature, is unlike any other application for iPhone.

2. WhatTheFont

We often come across fonts that we don’t recognize. Some of them are so beautiful that you would like to use them on your next design. If you’ve faced a similar situation then WhatTheFont is the app for you.
This iPhone application helps you to recognize the font simply by tapping a photo of it through your iPhone camera. The application then process the image and displays fonts matching the font the most. WhatTheFont use MyFonts directory to search any given font and since this is one of the biggest font library of the world, your chances of finding the correct font is fairly large.
The app also sends email summaries of each search result along with the font previews.

3. The Typography Manual

Color and typography are the two best friends of a good designer. Whenever a designer surf the Web, they look for text and their styles. In fact, any designer can tell you how important typography is. It can make or break your readability; thus, affecting your site traffic (reduced readability means more number of bounce rate and less site traffic).
The Typography Manual for iPhone is a great app for every designer. Using this app you can learn almost everything about typography and how to make the text look attractive, readable, and crisp.


So there you have it, 8 amazing iPhone apps for web developers and designers. Some of these apps are exclusive to iOS platform, while others are available for other platforms as well. These apps are designed to help you work more freely from anywhere, anytime and finish you work before the deadline.

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