Give your photos a retro feel with the ‘Hipstamatic’ App

Give your photos a retro feel with the ‘Hipstamatic’ App


Have you ever wondered whether photographers really do have to have an eye for the perfect shot, or whether anyone can create a beautiful photograph just by using the right equipment? Well, that question can be answered by downloading the ‘Hipstamatic’ App, which allows you to take photographs in the style of old Hipstamatic cameras, giving a grainy, blurred but always impressive feel to any photo that you decide to snap.

hipstamatic old style photography
The standard lenses are fairly impressive on their own, however, if you fancy yourself as the next Annie Leibovitz, then you can purchase more lenses, flash gels and films that come together in specially tailored ‘Hipstapaks’.

Hipstamatic cameras enjoyed a very brief success back in the early 1980’s, when these cheap, plastic, analog cameras allowed the user to swap lenses and use films in multiple formats, giving every image that it produces a seemingly accidental appearance, as if you have just taken a casual snapshot of an off-duty supermodel. The ‘Hipstamatic’ App transforms your iPhone into an analog camera, whilst retaining all of the digital benefits; for example, you can snap an old school, beautifully blurred image of your friends, then upload it directly to their email, Flickr or Facebook accounts. The best of both worlds!

The loading time is a lot slower than the regular iPhone camera, however the screen also offers a printing service that sends the photographs directly to your Photo Library, which can then be viewed in full and uploaded to your computer. Also, the lenses that come with the App work just as well in the evening as they do in the day, so now when you piece together your memories of nights out, you will be your photos will have a retro-soaked feel to them…groovy!

App Developer: Synthetic Infatuation. Price £1.19



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