Get free Gadgets, Tickets, Video Games and Much More with the Claim...

Get free Gadgets, Tickets, Video Games and Much More with the Claim it App – Review



Let’s face it – nobody would turn down something for nothing and if you download the app Claim It, you will find free gifts could come your way. Thousands of people are winning freebies every week; stuff like free drinks, lunch snacks, tickets for a gig or theatre, trainers (sneakers), gift cards, gadgets and video games. There is even some valuable items like designer handbags available to win for free, all at the touch of a button.

This brand new lifestyle app has just been launched and has started off in New York, so any gifts redeemed will have to be collected from stores and pick up points in that city. There is a truck which travels outside the city and holds winning gifts – its location and when and where it goes will be revealed on the app and winners should check daily for its location.

Claim It is an app only available to those 17 years or over but some of the gifts really are rather good. We have seen on there a pair of headphones, Jordan 6 training shoes, Harry Potter DVDs and books and plenty more besides.

There are certain gifts which can be redeemed where winners are 100 per cent guaranteed to win – these gifts are things like drinks, small lunches and a chocolate egg sweet. On the app you can click on all the specials and check closely at the list of your claims you will have already made.

The app will show you how many items are available to winning contesters. You may find there are 10 pairs of Nike trainers going and 100 claims made on those sneakers. If you do the maths, you will note you have a 10 per cent of winning those sneakers. The app will also mark the true value of the gift you could win.

Among the more expensive gifts you could win – such as the headphones and the Jordan Air 6 training shoes – you could find you are collecting prizes which are in excess of $150 in value! Just think of the resale value you could pick up or the look on the faces of a family member or loved one when you present them with the gift you could have won on this app.

You could also win gift cards for free coffee at Starbucks and winning free bottles of spring water are almost a certainty.


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