Gather Gems: And Gather IQ While You’re At It…

Gather Gems: And Gather IQ While You’re At It…


Gather the Gems iPhone App Review

“Gather Gems” Isn’t your typical game. Angry Birds for example appeals to everyone, can be challenging, but most often, is not. The classic ‘Blood and Gore’ game appeals to the young kid… who wants to see some action (or old, who knows?). Gather Gems however appeals to the intellectual mind.

Each levels gives you a set limit of balls you can use. You must knock the balls (in any direction) only a certain number of times and collect all the gems on the board. The tough part is timing.

Because the arrow revolving around your ball (no, not those balls, the one in the game!) that indicates the direction it will fly is moving quickly there is a split second opportunity to tap the screen and tell the revolving arrow to fire off the brass ball. During that split second, you could hiccup, slip your finger or sneeze… and in so doing set off the entire motion of the game.

Enter: The Smart Intelligent People.

These are the people who can time everything perfectly, masterminding the right plan that will collect all the gems and complete the level for you. In a way, if you think you’re smart, check out this game first, you find out otherwise.

Gather Gems gets an 9/10 for presenting us with a game that is not boring, not uninteresting, is well integrated with sound effects and gives the user enough levels to be amused for hours of entertainment.


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