Fruit Ninja – Turns out that Ninjas Hate Fruit

Fruit Ninja – Turns out that Ninjas Hate Fruit

Fruit Ninja iPad App Review
Slice and slash with a satisfying splatter; learn the ways of a true fruit ninja.

The simple games are by far the best on iPad; I don’t think anyone is attempting an epic horse-ridden quest across some dragon-infested fantasyland with someone looking over your shoulder on the tube. Fruit Ninja is easy to play, fast and visually pleasing making it a great time-wasting tool.

You are the virtual ninja and you control the blade as unsuspecting fruit is tossed in front. I assume these pieces of fruit have somehow questioned your ninja honour as the object is to slash the fruit in two, leaving the pulpy remains on the wall of the dojo.

With more and more fruit being thrown and the odd flying bomb to avoid, you slice and dice with vengeance and virtue like a true ninja warrior. Please your Sensei to gain further knowledge, and practice the way of the ninja in Zen mode to hone your sword-skills without the distraction of explosions. Fruit Ninja is pick-up and put-down, loads of fun and looks great; just what a good iPad game needs.


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