Friday’s News Roundup: iOS 5, Coming Soon?

Friday’s News Roundup: iOS 5, Coming Soon?


Could iOS 5 be previewed along with Apple’s other big showcase, (the iPad 2, where have you been?!) next week; Engagdet claim that the SD card and hi-res display didn’t make the cut for the iPad 2, however it will be sleeker and slimmer than its predecessor and iOS 5 preview might be on the cards too!  Wow!

A new iPhone 4 case has been launched amidst claims that it will withstand anyhtin that you can throw at it.  The aptly named Lifeproof case is sealed to protect against dust and dirt, can be safely dropped from up to 2 meters, and sealed to the point where you can dunk it in water of up to 2 meters and it will come up ringing.

And finally, Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone soon!  Just another step in the gaming phenomenon that sees furious flying creatures being hurled at thieving pigs, Windows users will soon be able to enjoy the game as well!


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