FOURTRACK – A fully functioning four-track recorder for your iPhone

FOURTRACK – A fully functioning four-track recorder for your iPhone

This app boasts a host of useful and professional features. Record, mix and export full songs all from your iPhone.

Calling all musicians! Any composer or songwriter will certainly already have endless midnight recordings stored using the voice memo app. A verse here, a melody there, some good and some that seemed good at 4am after a few drinks, but in the cold light of day resemble a wailing cat that has been thrown at a guitar.

But with FourTrack you can now begin to create entire tracks all on your iPhone. Record a verse, then lay down a melody or vocal line over the top to bring any ideas you have together and give your compositions more depth.

Now I won’t lie, your not going to record something that will top the charts as at the end of the day you are only using the small in-built microphone. However there are ways to connect a guitar jack to your phone, making it possible to record electric instruments directly, and these recordings will be of much better quality. Sonoma Wire Works, the developer, have teamed up with big names in the music world; such as Taylor guitars offering EQ’s to improve the recording of acoustic instruments and celebrity drummer Jason McGerr providing drum backing tracks to record with.

So the hefty price tag is there for a reason, as this app boasts a host of useful and professional features. Features such as latency compensation plus the ability to pan the tracks left and right and adjust the individual volumes to clean up your overall mix. There is an in-built metronome capable of different time signatures as well as tap function. You can easily navigate through your song bar by bar, or second by second and connectivity is no problem with both import and export capabilities.

Four tracks not enough? Simply bounce the current song to a new track and record more over the top. Perhaps you have four tracks consisting of guitar, bass, drums and keys; bounce these four tracks to a new song, then record any vocal ideas over the top. Lastly master the entire song and before you know it a midnight idea will transform into an entire song, which then can be shared around the world!

App updated 2nd October 2010, Developed by Sonoma Wire Works, £5.99, 5 Stars!



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