Foresight and Accountability: Why Network Monitoring Improves Safety and Productivity

Foresight and Accountability: Why Network Monitoring Improves Safety and Productivity


Nothing is as bad as getting a call from a user regarding network downtime. More often than not, Information Technology lacks the visibility required to anticipate issues of performance, implying you remain in the dark until a customer or a user calls to complain. In the event of an outage, businesses are likely to be at risk and productivity is likely to fall; and the longer it takes to resolve the issue, the more costs you incur. Virtual servers, switches and routers, wireless devices and various applications require 24/7 network monitoring. Doing so means you’ll be in a position to identify and fix issues fast before they worsen. Here are some of the benefits of network monitoring and how they improve safety and productivity.

Stay Ahead of Outages

What is the reason behind network or IT outages? Configuration issues, human errors, and configuration factors are among some of the reasons that contribute to IT outages. Implementing network monitoring is a simple and basic technique that helps to ensure these outages do not occur. Network monitoring offers you the visibility required to remain a step ahead of any potential issues. By depicting live performance data of the network in an interface, the software used to monitor network can help you to spot outages which could cause bottlenecks.

Identify Security Threats

When you lack a budget to acquire intrusion detection software, but you still need a tier 1 technique to safeguard your network against breaches of any kind, network monitoring will help to secure the most critical data of your business. A network monitoring tool is instrument in providing the first level of security. The most significant benefit you may obtain is a picture of what a ‘normal’ performance is like, making it easy to identify any unusual activities – whether it’s unknown device linked to your network or a spike in the levels of traffic. By establishing when and on what gadget a particular event took place, you can take a proactive approach to ensuring network security.

Fix Issues Faster

Time is money. That is why businesses should try to keep downtime as minimal as possible. Network monitoring makes the solving of problems easier and faster for network professionals who are time-strapped.

Whether it’s an abnormal traffic fluctuation or just a configuration error, network monitoring allows you to identify where the issues come from and fix them within the shortest time possible. Live network maps guide you to the problem’s point of origin, and the status windows depict performance metrics over time. Additionally, through network automation tools, you can identify issues using network monitoring and fix them automatically without getting anyone involved.

If you want to know where to buy network monitoring software, there are a plethora of vendors available. You should also know that the best network monitoring software prepares you for long-term success by allowing you to understand your network’s health and spot any performance bottlenecks. With the right network tools for monitoring your network, you’ll get a snapshot of network health and troubleshoot issues efficiently.


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