For anyone who hasn’t seen Top Gun, iCopter might just cut it

For anyone who hasn’t seen Top Gun, iCopter might just cut it

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By tapping the screen in an upward motion, you can get the helicopter to stay in a similar flight directional pattern.

There is a reason why Top Gun featured planes rather than helicopters and that reason is very simple…planes are just cooler.  You can do Loop the loops, aerobatics, hell, if you are really brave you can give the finger to an enemy plane while flying inverted on top of it, a la Goose and Maverick!  And what can you do in a helicopter?  Worry about falling off the side and minding your head when you step out?!  Yeah, that’s going to get the girls…

Anyway, homoerotic 80’s movies aside, we have an iPhone App to review and that App is iCopter an incredibly basic game that gets the user to control the height that the tiny on screen helicopter flies at, keeping it from crashing into the roof or floor of the tunnel whilst dodging obstacles such as floating blocks.  It is incredibly hard to get the hang of and once you do, there isn’t really a lot more to it other trying to keep your chopper in tact for as long as possible.

The fact that you have to exit the game and go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’ to adjust the actual game’s settings is very annoying; you can, however, choose a retro helicopter which raises the game’s ‘cool factor’ just a notch.  Personally, I don’t think Tom Cruise would be seen dead in a helicopter, no matter how small it is.

iCopter - Matthew Hertz



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