First verdict: New iPhone Software! iOS 4.2 is out now!

First verdict: New iPhone Software! iOS 4.2 is out now!


First verdict: New iPhone Software!  iOS 4.2 is out now!

Oh, Apple do you like to treat us, don’t they?! If they’re not bringing out exciting new products, they’re constantly updating their existing products with new and exciting software! Well, now the iOS 4.2 has been released, it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

So, first things first, what can us iPhone users expect with this brand spanking new software? Well, the most useful new addition to the software is the new Find My iPhone feature, which is compatible with any iPhone 4, iPad or 4g iPod Touch and can help you locate your iPhone and protect the data that is stored on it. Using MobileMe technology, you can track the lost phone by setting up an account, tracing it on a map and displaying a message across its screen to whoever may have found it. You can also set a password lock on the phone, preventing anyone from accessing it, or simply delete all of the data on it; but don’t worry, as soon as you fond your phone, (or whoever has stolen it returns it after the terrifying message that you sent them on the screen!), you can restore all the data from your last backup.

Other good additions to the iPhone software are that you can now alter the font that you use in ‘Notes’, changing from the ghastly Marker Felt, (what were they thinking?!), to the more palatable Helvetica or Chalkboard. You can also reply directly to calendar invitations by using the calendar services such as Yahoo! or Microsoft Exchange, making managing your social life that little bit easier.

In addition to all of this, the iWorld is going wireless! Airplay, the other big new addition to your iPhone’s software package, now allows you to stream digital media to your Apple TV and Airplay-enabled speakers completely wirelessly, meaning that you can view photos, films and play music through the biggest screens and the clearest speakers that you have in the house. Also, AirPrint means that you can print photos, emails and pictures directly from your iPhone to your printer, without connecting your phone with any new software or cables…so, no more tangled messes to fight through to get your holiday snaps!

So all in all, the iOS 4.2. seems to be a resounding success, the only question that remains is, what could they possibly cook up for the next Software installment?! Well, we’ll have to wait and see…


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