Fire Calc: Where’s The Fire?!

Fire Calc: Where’s The Fire?!


Firefighter iPhone App Review

Disclosure: I am not a firefighter, nor am I training to be one. I am someone who loves testing out random apps.

Introduction: Simple, comprehensive firefighter tool. Made for firefighters by firefighters. Fire calculator calculates pump pressure for given hose setup, foam quantity & rate calculations, flow rates required to extinguish fires, pressure & flow for smooth bore nozzles, and pre-set nozzle pressures and units desired.


  • Simple, clean interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy on the eyes.


  • States it is intended for training purposes only.
  • $2.99 for an app, remember there is a whole world of volunteer firefighters!

Summary: Very thorough and handy app but I just have to ask, is a firefighter really going to carry around his Smartphone while on duty, or training? Seems to me it would be a disaster waiting to happen.


  1. Purchased the app as a training tool. The app does not run in the current OS, there is no answer from support, and as a fire instructor I will never recommend this app again. I appologize to those I recommended it to during the 30 minutes it worked.


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