Click Your Way Through the Hordes with Final Fortress – Idle Survival

Click Your Way Through the Hordes with Final Fortress – Idle Survival


In the first decade of the 2000s, vampires were all the rage, but these days it’s zombies who are the flavor of the week. Shows like the unflaggingly popular ‘Walking Dead’ have cemented the undead masses as premium villains in the public’s mind, and it hasn’t taken long for other types of media to jump aboard the burgeoning zombie band wagon. The big bad Zs have now infected (sorry) apps, threatening your smartphone with dominant invasion. The latest iteration of the zombie survival game comes to us in the form of the always-entertaining and gorgeous looking Final Fortress – Idle Survival out now (free) on iOS and Android.

FanAppic - Final Fortress - Idle Survival

The first thing you notice about this addictive little idle clicker is just how good it looks. There are millions of games out there in the app-o-sphere; to make yours stand out, it has to look the part. The developers behind Final Fortress clearly understood this, and put the work in accordingly. The game is a joy to look at, with popping colors and creative character design to spare; you won’t ever get bored of booting it up.

The other good news is that it’s also extremely satisfying to play. The main thrust behind the game is to fortify your base against an oncoming horde of the undead; you’ve managed to survive the apocalypse, but can you survive what comes after? You start off with a single floor, but after putting the requisite clicking work in, can expand up, up and up, as you construct a tower of defense against the zombies. But that’s not all; the new addition to Final Fortress pits you against the evil reanimated corpses, as they try to storm your HQ. You’ll have to arm each floor with weapons and recruits if you want to survive.

FanAppic - Final Fortress - Idle SurvivalFanAppic - Final Fortress - Idle Survival

This double gameplay aspect works really well; it allows the game to transcend the limitations of a traditional idle clicker and keeps the objective from being too repetitive. It also ensures that you don’t slack off on construction as you’ll definitely want to be ready before the next wave hits!

If you enjoy action games and have a soft spot for zombies, download Final Fortress – Idle Survival today at the App Store and Google Play, and get ready to blast some undead back into the earth!


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