Enjoy Atavistic Antics With The Electronic Caveman Ogg

Enjoy Atavistic Antics With The Electronic Caveman Ogg



In this new, fast past world where everything is accessible to you at the touch of a button it’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come. Sometimes I yearn for a simpler time, a time when everything seemed novel and exciting, even something as simple as a wheel on a cart. So in the spirit of bringing back our caveman wanderlust, app developer Michael Berlyn has created Ogg, the cool, laid back young caveman who’s handy with a toolbox, has a discerning palate and above all, loves to travel.

All of the levels contain physics-based puzzle games that get increasingly more difficult and even though Ogg is probably more suited for children, some of the harder levels will sometimes leave the adults stumped and scratching their heads from time to time.

Join Ogg on a journey of discovery across 15 different worlds spanning over 150, fun and (sometimes) humorous levels. The graphics are simple, colorful and friendly with plenty of cute neolithic references along the way like bone-shaped buttons, stone wheels and basic ‘caveman’ language (i.e. Ogg make fire etc).


On Ogg’s adventure, to keep the pace you’ll have a guitar heavy tribal trance soundtrack to keep you focused and in between levels you’ll hear more traditional drumming noises. As you move through the different world the soundtrack changes to suit the theme, a huge bonus for me here is that it comprises of all fairly neutral sounds so as to not offend passers by or other house members.

Ogg is available to download from the Mac App Store for $0.99, it seems free for advertorials and for a single up front fee, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The quasi educational aspect and problem solving found in the game make it a perfect addition to a child’s play time and although possibly fun for adults at first I would suggest that it’s best suited to a younger audience.

Give the Mac App Store a bonk over the head and download Ogg today!


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