EATouch: The visual way to do your supermarket shopping!

EATouch: The visual way to do your supermarket shopping!

EATouch iPhone App Review
List it with pictures!

EATouch provides a visual way of composing your supermarket shopping list, which is quick and easy to use. The items are separated into the two categories of food and other, which includes all essential household products. You can scroll through a visual list of items and simply tap on those that you require. Once your list is composed, you have the option of emailing it to whoever undertakes the shopping or saving it. Once emailed, the list only appears in text form. The total number of items then appears on the app icon, providing a good visual reminder.

The visual food and household images can be set alphabetically or by frequency of choice, which are beneficial and convenient for the user. The items you frequently buy will then appear on the first screen, ready to compose your next shopping list. Once you are using the app in the supermarket and de-selecting the items you have obtained, you can easily shake your iPhone to delete these items from your list, allowing you to easily view the items you have left.

However, this app has some areas that need updating and considering. It currently doesn’t allow the user to select multiple items of the same product or specify the brand names of each item. This may cause problems for the person receiving the email, as essential information is left out. The app allows you to search for items, but if they are not found, there is currently no add feature to include them in your composed list. Finally, some image selections are too general, for example ‘meat’. There are currently no sub categories to include pork, beef or lamb, which should be considered when composing lists to be emailed to others or just as an individual reminder.

EATouch may also find it hard to compete with a range of other free iPhone applications for shopping lists, which do allow the user to select quantities of items, manage several shopping lists and to also sync lists.
Now all we need is an app with the capability of controlling the checkout queues!


  1. I agree with this review totally. It’s a great visual app and has a good base for potentially building upon and being great, but as it stands if I sent a generic shopping list to my hubby, heaven knows what he would come back with lol. You need to be exact in most cases, like lamb cutlets, baby plum four grain porridge cereal etc

    Great review.

  2. I guess great minds think alike! Thanks for adding your comment and glad you liked the review.


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