Drunk Fly – A Fun App for Annoying Your Friends … Or...

Drunk Fly – A Fun App for Annoying Your Friends … Or Enemies!

Some days there is nothing more satisfying than REALLY annoying someone…!

We all have days when we feel like doing something to annoy someone else. Whether it’s for a laugh, to let off some steam or just because you’re feeling a bit vindictive, when you want to wind someone up, Drunk Fly is just the ticket. Perfect for home, the pub and perhaps best off all the office or classroom, with Drunk Fly you’ll never be bored again.

With your phone innocently sitting on the table – apparently switched off – you and your friends are chatting away when an annoying fly starts buzzing around the room. Watch your friends get more and more peeved, trying unsuccessfully to locate the fly. You’ll be surprised how long it takes them – buzzes are notoriously difficult sounds to locate – and you can casually touch your phone to turn the buzzing off briefly if they are getting too close.

The “You Got Me!” screen when your friends finally uncover the secret is suitably funny, but watch out for the revenge pranks, which are sure to follow. Handily, the Drunk Fly also comes with a whole selection of other annoying sounds you can play with and use in new and inventive ways to infuriate and exasperate those around you!

App released 25th September 2009, developed by Creative Coefficient Corp, £0.59

Drunk Fly - Creative Coefficient Corp.



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