Drone Invaders – The Battle in Space Returns

Drone Invaders – The Battle in Space Returns



Epic battles in space are games everybody seems to love. We find those retro classics like Asteroids and Space Invaders games that have not been followed up too well, in our opinion. Space Invaders was a game that got even non-gamers into games, and apart from Guitar Hero or Grand Theft Auto, what game on the market today entices those who would not normally play games to pick up the joystick, controls or keys and play?

Drone Invaders is one such game that has a nice theme to it. The aliens tend to use these drones as its vehicles of attack. There are so-called regular drones, big drones, drones which look like some kind of mothership, drones that are so misshaped you wouldn’t even know they were part of an alien fleet and drones that are too fast to be shot down by your humble laser gun.

At times you will be overwhelmed by an alien attack and the only form of attack is actually defence! You will have shields to protect you from mass attack of the drones. But your shields might fail or weaken. At this point you can play the game in such a way, you increase the power to your shields and boost your weaponry capabilities too.

To survive the alien attack and destruction by drones (there are about 30 different drones to contend with), you will have to beef up. One of the things we liked about Drone Invaders is the game seems tailor made for addicts. And while Drone Invaders is addictive, it actually rewards you for playing the game on a regular basis.

There are weekly challenges or just daily tasks that will boost the weaponry and shielding you have in your armour. Even playing the game in short periods can give you long term gains. So, if we were to simply pick up the game once or twice an hour, over the weeks that go by we can develop a superior task force to eliminate the alien invasion of the drones.

Drone Invaders is always high octane, shoot them down or blitz the alien drone invasion style stuff. And that’s it appeal. It is one of those games where you can turn back the hands of time and think in a retro spirit – only now you have the advances of technology to boost the gaming experience perfectly.


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