Dice With Death And Fast Food In Noodles Now

Dice With Death And Fast Food In Noodles Now


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How far off are we from levitating vehicles at this stage? Some said we’d all be flying them by 2015; in fact, people like Stanley Kubrick thought we might not even make it to 2015, if 2001: A Space Odyssey is anything to go by. A quick google search informs me we are indeed still someway off. A shame, but no matter. Flying cars most certainly exist in Noodles Now, the engaging new game from Golden Monkey Media (certainly the best developer name I’ve yet come across!). You play as a young Asian girl struggling to deliver noodles across a traffic polluted, hi-tech futuristic town. It’s fast, it’s furious (well, at the other road users are at least) and it’s out now for iPhone and iPad.

So whatever year Noodles Now is set in, health and safety seems to have gone right down the pan. Fly, the character whose life and career are in your hands (or more precisely your finger) spends her days dodging an alarming amount of potentially fatal collisions. Not that it seems to bother her; Fly is a happy-go-lucky sort of gal, who seems to understand that it comes with the territory. She herself pilots a suspicious ‘custom job’ flying scooter, making her more than complicit in the sheer mayhem of the futuristic city’s highways.

So yes, this game is fast. In other words, this game is fun. The fastest game I’ve ever come across is Episode I: Pod Racer for the good ol’ Nintendo 64, and Noodles Now gives that careering racer a sprint for its money. You control Fly’s direction with a flick of your finger; she’s able to go left, right, up and down; her scooter runs on things called levi-tracks which guide your movement. You can grab tips along the way which allow you to customise your flying death machine, and there’s also sky lanterns to collect; the premise of the game is that is takes place during a busy festival, so there’s a lot of ornamental debris hanging around. The lanterns do different things depending on their colour, anything from time boosts to speed boosts.

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner (February 19th) now’s the perfect time to pick up Noodles Now for some tense, seasonal fun. This being the year of the Sheep, make sure you don’t get rammed to death in the process. Ah thank you. Alternatively, if you couldn’t care less about the Chinese New Year and just want to play a fast-paced action-adventurer, you could do far worse then Noodles Now. The ace graphics, epic soundtrack and addictive play will have you returning to this one again and again.

Get the need for speed at the App Store and hop on a flying scooter for free today!


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