Diacarta for iPhone will brighten your day

Diacarta for iPhone will brighten your day


Diacarta iphone app productivityReleased 25th June 2010, by Squnch, £1.19

With tons of daily task planning apps and ‘to do’ lists available it’s hard to get excited over another release. And lets be honest, they’ve all been pretty dull. But how can you make the boring task of noting your daily chores pleasurable? Well, Squnch LLC have created the answer…. meet Diacarta.

This visually pleasing new app allows you to illustrate your day ahead by placing pictures around a clock. There are over fifty icons to choose from including the expected dog walking, bed time and shopping. It even has an icon for recycling, horse riding and believe it or not, decorating.

Along with its impressive, old fashioned, rustic and sepia toned appearance, it’s very easy to use. Simply tap on the ‘+’ button to add another icon and slide your finger across the screen to switch between AM and PM. If you can’t find an icon to illustrate a particular chore or event, add a blank one, then write the details on it yourself. You can add as little or as much information to each icon as you need.

As good as this may sound, there is room for improvement. Communication between Diacarta and the standard calendar on your iPhone would’ve been efficient. You can plan any day of the year on Diacarta but managing two separate calendars is a hassle. Also, the ability to add your own images for icons may have been a nice touch and links to the alarm clock would’ve been great for organisation.

When compared to competing apps such as the recently released HoneyDo or Taska which cleverly incorporates google maps with your tasks, Diacarta is simple with limited features. Still, it will keep you occupied when commuting to work and after a few updates this app could be the only organisation tool you’ll need. Illustrate your day and add style to your chores.


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