Denver Entrepreneurs Announce Official Trivia App Launch

Denver Entrepreneurs Announce Official Trivia App Launch


Denver, Colo. Nov. 23, 2010 -Two Colorado entrepreneurs, Nick May and Matt Johnson announce the official launch of the first-of-its kind iPhone and iTouch App, Group Trivia. Now available from the Apple App store, the trivia game provides a new way for friends, family and co-workers to interact in a challenging yet friendly game of trivia.

“Group Trivia runs similarly to a birthday party, but through your iPhone or iTouch,” explains Nick May co-creator of Group Trivia, entrepreneur, radio personality, and mentor for business owners. “A game of trivia against yourself is no fun at all, but play with your friends and the fun never stops!”

Players can challenge friends or co-workers to a game of Group Trivia for free from anywhere in the world and invite as many people to play as desired.

“Play as long as you want but you better be fast with your thumbs, because this is a game of speed,” says Matt Johnson, co-creator of Group Trivia and owner of Mindful Software LLC. “You might know the fifth President of the United States, but can you spell his name correctly?”

Group Trivia has no boundaries. Players set the rules and can play by themselves or invite 20 other players, play a fast 20-minute game or play for six hours. Group Trivia is the first game of its kind, but May sarcastically warns users to play the game carefully. “It may cause you to be distracted at work, make you late for dinner, or forget to watch your favorite TV shows.”

Questions include: “

Who sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?,” “What is the capital of Michigan?,” “What is the name of the Carolina’s NHL team?,” “

Who had a 70s Number 1 hit with Stayin’ Alive?,” “In Miami Vice, what was Crockett’s first name?,” “Which San Francisco team did Joe Montana play for through most of the 80s?,” and more.

Group Trivia is on sale through the Apple App Store, where users can download it for free.  Visit for more information.

About the Developers of Group Trivia

Nick May hosts Cultivating Small Business, a weekly radio show on KLZ radio, where he and his co-host share small business stories from some of Denver, and America’s most prominent entrepreneurs. May also is the “Chief Cultivating Officer” for SEEDS, an education and mentoring company for small business, located in Denver, Colo. Nick has created a system to help the small entrepreneur that deals with cash flow, different business cycles, employee problems, partnership, customer and legal issues, and time management.

Matt Johnson is the owner of Mindful Software LLC. The company previously developed the iPhone app, Mind Your Money, which allows users to easily create a personalized system for tracking daily expenditures against their monthly budget goals. Mindful Software develops feature rich software solutions with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Mindful Software believes that the emerging mobile technology platforms provide the opportunity to develop integrated software solutions that provide the ability for people to become more “mindful” of their everyday actions.


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