Deal Flow: The Ultimate Money Saving App (Sponsored)

Deal Flow: The Ultimate Money Saving App (Sponsored)

Deal Flow iPhone App Review
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As the recession rolls on and on, everyone seems to be looking for new ways to save money whilst still doing the things that they like; the huge rise in popularity of sites like Groupon and LivingSocial shows that there are a lot of people out there who simply like a good bargain. Well, if you are one of these people, here’s the app for you.

Deal Flow iPhone App Review
Deal flow will have you dressing to kill without murdering your wallet...

Deal Flow is a US based app that checks over 90 money saving sites and displays all of the best deals that are out there within the app. Essentially, getting this app means that you are saving yourself an infinite amount of time of trawling through site after site trying to find the best deal. Whether you want a discounted meal at a restaurant, a cheap designer dress bought online or a fun activity for you and the family to do, Deal Flow will present a myriad of options to you every single day.

What I really like about the app is that you can personalize your options and make the deals that you get bespoke to your interests. You can enter keywords to search for local deals in your area, which filters out all of the irrelevant offers and just shows you the deals that you will be into. Also, you can instantly share deals with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter through the app; this is a really useful feature if you see an activity that you want to do with your friends and you need to get the deal on the same day.

The layout is plain and simple, very easy to use and you can choose to browse through categories like Women, Men, Kids, Electronics, Local and many more; also, the clarity of the images is especially helpful when you are shopping for clothes. The fact that the app is free means that you would be crazy not to have it on your iPhone or iPad to check just in case the perfect deal comes along.


Deal Flow is an essential app for anyone who likes to save money and enjoys a busy life, filled with lots of different activities. Through the push notifications you can control how many alerts you get every day, meaning that you can always be kept in the loop about what’s available, when and where. You will literally be able to plan something every single night using this app and still have change in your wallet at the end of the week!


It takes the hassle out of searching through other deal sites, condensing all of the relevant deals into one screen.

With more and more deal sites popping up all over the Internet, the capabilities and depth of the app will grow and grow, exposing you to more sites’ offers without you having to find them.

The personalising and usability of the app is really useful and it becomes a favourite app just to clock into throughout the day to see what’s available.


There could almost be too much choice; I see things that I want to do every day and night and even with the discounts I can’t afford to do them all!!! (A very minor fault, I grant you).

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