David Mitchell’s Unique SoapBox Humour – Direct to your iPad

David Mitchell’s Unique SoapBox Humour – Direct to your iPad

David Mitchell’s Unique SoapBox Humour iPad App review
Soapbox brings a dose of Humour to your iPad

We all need a good laugh once in a while – so for optimum health it’s a good idea to lay your hands on David Mitchell’s SoapBox app. See his very funny weekly episodes before they make it to the telly, and download special bonus hilarity straight to your phone. The app is simple as can be, but the content is terrific.

David is one of the most popular comedians in Britain today. He’s not afraid to have a dig at anyone and anything, often voicing opinions that strike a chord with many who would like to say the same thing, but daren’t! No wonder he’s won a BAFTA award for his comedy!

Here are a few little one liners to whet your appetite for more:

“Over 85% of all statistics are made up on the spot.”

“I do not have OCD. I checked, three or four hundred times, and I definitely don’t have it”

“Probably in a parallel universe not far from here, I’m working for Nintendo.”

“Integrity is a bugger, it really is. Lying can get you into difficulties, but to really wind up in the crappers try telling nothing but the truth.”

So what are you waiting for, give it a try! You’ve already missed David’s recent hilarious rant about how he hates having his hair cut (I’ll put it off till tomorrow; I need the extra hair to keep the tops of my ears warm…)

P.S. Before downloading, please note that David’s humour can be on the “adult” side. 🙂


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