Creating apps for iPhones: the DIY approach

Creating apps for iPhones: the DIY approach


Creating apps for iPhones: the DIY approach

iPhone apps have become a sensation. There is an app for just about anything and everything. If you have an idea and want to create an app, this article will help you decide the way. This article is aimed at determining how you can create your own iPhone app in a step by step tutorial.

People in all corners of the world rely heavily on iPhone apps for something or the other. There are so many apps out there that there is hardly anything left today that can’t be accomplished with an iPhone app.

The other day I was watching the second season of Sherlock, and I came across this episode where Moriarty breaks into a prison facility, a Bank and the Buckingham Palace, with the help of an iPhone app! I mean, seriously! What’s next? Well, I don’t know quite what to expect!

So what would you do, given the power of an app? We all know that business owners globally are greedily hunting for an iPhone app maker who can create stunning apps for him such that his business grows with leaps and bounds.

But is a mobile app builder your only chance to create iPhone apps? Or can you probably create an iPhone app yourself, using a more DIY approach? Well, I guess, the answer to both questions would be YES.

I know I am being very ambiguous here, but wait a while and think about this:

Professional iPhone App creator

The professional mobile app builder will be able to create apps for you that make your application absolutely seamless. See, on a professional level, every business owner needs a functional app. The application must in some way or the other is able to generate revenue. This revenue generation can only be properly optimized with the help of an expert mobile application developer.

Doing It Yourself

There is absolutely no harm in giving it a try. Well, like they say, money isn’t everything. So, if you aren’t making your application from a business perspective then you can surely go for this approach. Not only will this be a fun experience, but it will also prove to get you more knowledge in this field, and who knows, if everything goes well, you might even be able to make big bucks.

While treading on this road, you might want to consider the following points:

1. Research: the first step here is research. Spend as much time as possible in the research of your products. Research the industry of mobile applications, find out what’s going on, what are the trends, how people create apps and the important things required to do it.

2. Qualify: the next leap is to qualify yourself. Study and understand the whole idea of application development. Know the coding like the back of your hand and understand completely what goes where. Practice. And keep practicing till you are confident of what you are doing.

3. Identify what you want: there are so many types of apps today that before you get into the field, you must identify the kind of app that you want for your business. Do you want a gaming app, or a multimedia one? Are you looking for an app for entertainment or business? Do you wish to create an app for the educational industry or for the health care? Once you have understood all this, only then take the next step.

4. Decide the Purpose: the next step is to define a specific purpose for the app. Is the app meant to help you streamline business processes or is it for marketing and branding? Is it going to be available for free, or will you charge for it?

5. Ask for assistance: just because you are making the app does not mean that you cannot ask for ideas and assistance. The iPhone users and app developers form a huge community. Go to any forum or blog and check if you have all the necessary things. Read tips extensively and thoroughly go through the threads. Once you are completely satisfied with your homework, set sail!

Bon Voyage!

Author Bio:

Justin Depp is iPhone Developer at Appsknack; developing and maintaining innovative iPhone Applications. Appsknack is the best iPhone app maker firm. Create & design your own iPhone apps online with Appsknack.


  1. Thanks Justin for sharing nice post here.

    I was planning to develop an app for one of my concepts, but i was missing something, as my concept was not clear, now i really got an idea and am going to finalize requirement my requirement of the application. The main thing, this app is going to be launched in all models of Smartphones.

    Thanks for sharing nice post. Waiting for your next post.


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