Tower Steps: Can You Be Bothered To Reach The Top?

Tower Steps: Can You Be Bothered To Reach The Top?


Tower Steps iPhone App Review

The intro to Tower Steps is absolutely fantastic – an interesting and creepy story of a little girl going missing in a dark tower and her brother trying to save her. I was engrossed from the get go, until the game started that is…

The aim of the game is to get to the top of the tower, where your little sister Anny is being held by some evil wizard dude. To get there you have a challenge on each floor, pass the challenge and you get to go up the elevator to the next floor.

The challenges all come down to one main element. Walk about and turn all the dark squares light. Yes, as the levels go on there are a few things thrown into the mix such as teleports and directional arrows, but essentially this is all you have to do…and it gets kinda boring.


  • The intro and music are both great
  •  Controls are very simple
  •  It’s free


  •  Lack of variety in the gameplay
  •  Graphics are a bit dull
  •  Almost feels like one small puzzle level of a whole other game


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