Chillingo Hits the City-Building Nail on the Head with Pixel People

Chillingo Hits the City-Building Nail on the Head with Pixel People

pixel people iPhone App Review
Build the ultimate utopian empire

Ever wanted to create your own utopia in space and genetically modify humans to your desired tastes? Prepare to squeal as I present to you the mighty Pixel People.

Everyone loves a sim games, and especially a city builder. What could be more fun and time consuming than creating your very own world, deciding what to build, and choosing who shall live amongst your mighty creation? Even if you don’t have a God complex you may appreciate the unbelievably sickening cuteness of this retro-styled gem and its discoverable baby animals.

With a very easy to follow guide, fantastic look and seemingly endless possibilities, Chillingo has managed to create a sim that will keep many-a-gamer glued to their screen.

Now, don’t you all collectively sigh when I reveal that Pixel People is a freemuim title. I was worried at first that the developers were going to offer up one of those annoying games that reel you in and, after half an hour of gaming, leave you with no choice but to buy something or just give up all together.

Pixel People IS free, and yes there are options to buy money packs, but in all honesty, you really don’t need them. Spend a little time levelling up and you’ll be rewarded – sometimes with money, and other times with adorable pixelated baby animals.

Every time you build a house, new residents arrive at your utopian masterpiece; these people are totally void of any genes, and it is your choice to mix two already existing residents together to try to create a new person. Each newly discovered person has a newly discovered job, which will then unlock new buildings to place around your city.

As the city grows, Chillingo promises gamers that they will discover a number of Easter Eggs, rewards and a ton of cute stuff.

  • Pros

It’s free and you really can advance without having to buy IAPs.
It looks fantastic and there’s tons of content.
Just stop reading this review and go buy it, OK?

  • Cons

One tiny suggestion would be to have the names of each profession above each person stored in your residents catalogue.

  • Summary

Chillingo has done a fantastic job with Pixel People; it’s fun, colourful, cute and simply a must-have for anyone who’s a fan of pixelated gems such as Tiny Tower and pretty much every Kairosoft game so far. Get this game and you will not be disappointed.

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