How can an analytics consultancy help your start up business

How can an analytics consultancy help your start up business


Analytic Consultants use a mathematical and scientific foundation to help you work out a business strategy that works for you.  They will also help you understand your data in order to answer marketing questions.  So, if you are struggling to turn data into useful information then hiring a consultant is definitely something you should consider.  Startup Britain believes “you’re going to struggle to get anywhere without seeking…advice, help and support” – a strong recommendation that you should speak to experts.

Working from the data

Using an analytics consultant can be beneficial for a start-up business in particular as they provide a very reliable service.  By working from your data, their results are reliable, and their advice is catered to you specifically.  They can help bring new understanding and enlightenment to your data.  This will provide you with a solid foundation from which you can move forward and continue to expand your new business with the assurance that you are working into the right direction.

Specific to you

Before the data analysis begins, you will be given a chance to define your objectives from their service.  You will outline exactly what you want to achieve from the service and inform the consultants how you want to use the data.  

For example, Cloudstream Partners will work with you to offer customised consultancy.  It’s true that online articles can offer you more general advice to help get your business started, but for personal advice tailored to you and your business, you need to seek professional help.  Cloudstream Partners understand each business is unique and they will adapt to work with you personally.  They have worked with a whole range of companies, from insurance to food, to healthcare, so whatever your business they are happy to help.

A wide range

Analytics consultancy encompasses a whole range of services available to you.  The most obvious service is data visualisation as they work with you to help you understand your current data as well as making forecasts for your business.  This will quickly ensure you identify how you can move towards your objectives and allow you to highlight any areas that need addressing.  However, their services do not end here.  They will also offer you business and marketing analysis.  They will use your data to help you create business and marketing strategies, helping your start-up business grow.  Any future business decisions will be based on facts and data, ensuring you are making the best decisions for your company.

An analytics consultant can also offer you data management, helping present your data in a way for you to understand but also help you to manage your current and future data.  Some companies will even offer monthly updates.  Businesses are not fixed but are ever changing as they grow, therefore, consultancy services will not be a one-off but they will continue to give you support and guidance as your business begins to thrive and adapt and their professional, bespoke advice will continue to help you make the best data-led decisions.

We hope this has given you some useful insight into how analytic consultancy works if you are considering hiring a consultant.  By seeking professional advice, you are already taking a step in the right direction.