The 5 Fastest Growing Mobile App Categories

The 5 Fastest Growing Mobile App Categories


We are living in an increasingly mobile world, and the majority of us rely heavily on our smartphones and tablets to keep us in touch, up to date, healthy, and happy. This article outlines the likely trends for the 5 most popular and fastest-growing mobile application categories.

  1. Social Media Apps

Platform consolidation started taking off in 2016, and in 2017 it is likely that this trend will continue, with each of the major platforms trying to becoming a 1-stop-shop for short, current content that meets all the user’s needs. Big players like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram will be focusing on making it easier to share live videos, discover news, and find out what is going on around their exact locations.

  1. Shopping Apps

More and more people are making the move towards making use of their smartphones and tablets for retail purposes, although retailers have faced obstacles in getting customers to download specific branded mobile applications up until now. This is changing, however, and the emerging trend is set to rise thanks to retailers having changed the techniques they are using to meet their customer’s demands.

  1. Health and Fitness Apps

Millennials are driving the demand for health and fitness applications –the only thing this population group cares about more than family is health, and their demand for current content available at their fingertips is driving the app development for this category.

  1. Sports Apps

As of June 2016, sports applications were the fastest growing category in history, although this was impacted by a significant number of sporting events taking place during the quarter, including the NBA Playoffs, EURO 2016, AFL, and MLB. The popularity of sports applications can probably be directly linked to that of gambling and casino apps and it remains one of the categories to continue experiencing radical growth each and every year.

  1. Gambling Apps

The operators of online gambling sites that make the kind of online pokies NZ provides and a host of other games available join game developers and players in favouring the mobile platform as far gaming expansion is concerned.

Very responsive technology is constantly being integrated into all the types of sites that allow for this pastime, and websites in general are focussing on making it possible to wager real money bets and play top-quality casino games across a huge array of mobile devices and different brands.

The mindset of today’s eCommerce world is starting to embrace a stance of mobile inclusivity which is able to offer the vast majority of betting and gambling services, as well as other kinds of entertainment, rendered perfectly, and instantly accessible by means of any kind of tablet or smartphone.

The incredible revenue growth figures this category of applications has been enjoying support the treatment of mobile gambling applications as a method by which to increase overall customer acquisition, and this means that the trend will continue. Real money gambling options will continue to grow and expand, offering new opportunities to those who enjoy playing them.