Exercise More Than Your Thumbs with These Workout-Apps

Exercise More Than Your Thumbs with These Workout-Apps


As we start using apps as aids in our everyday life more by every passing day there is a constantly growing market directed to suit our needs. There are apps that help us keep in touch with each other, keep track of our finances, manage our time and keeping our appointments. When we feel the need to pass time there are a seemingly infinite amount of apps designed to turn a boring moment of our lives into a wonderful one. A few examples would be the various games, live blackjack and even crosswords and Sudoku if you feel the need for a brainteaser. And, keep us healthy.Ranging from simple apps that will track your training regimen to apps that will actually design one for you, the time for pen and paper is most certainly over. As most apps, it’s seemingly harder to find which one to choose than it is to locate one suited for the task. Therefore we have listed 3 potential new training partners for you.

Runkeeper – This is one of the more well-known apps suited for running and joggers. Almost anyone with a Facebook-account has encountered the Runkeeper feeds the app uploads. Besides tracking your running, this serves as a wonderful tool to increase your motivation. You wouldn’t want your results to be worse than last week, now would you? Don’t worry if you’re shy, you can turn that feature off and just take part of the excellent work the app does with tracking where you run, how long you run and at what pace you keep.

Nike+ – Naturally, one of the biggest names in the industry has to have their own app directed towards running. And it does not disappoint. Whilst having the similar features to Runkeeper, we feel the interface is a bit clunky in comparison. Upgrading to the premium services costs about the same, though Runkeeper’s app has a few more options to choose from if you just want one or two more features. There are a lot of accessories able to sync up with the Nike+ app, such as heart rate monitors and Apple Smartwatch.

FitStar – If you prefer to lift iron as opposed to the sound of asphalt under your feet, fear not – this is the app for you. Developed by former NFL-superstar Tony Gonzalez, this app has a ton of features to help you find your inner fitness-self. When you input your personal data along with your results at the gym the app will gradually evolve your training regimen to fit you perfectly. It’ll keep track of your progress and benchmarks and lets you know if you’re overexerting yourself. A perfect companion for any gym rat.


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