Can An iPhone App Help Beat Hay Fever?

Can An iPhone App Help Beat Hay Fever?


Can An iPhone App Help Beat Hay Fever?

What amazing weather we’ve been having! The sun is in the sky and oh my, oh my, why would we want to be anywhere else?! Beautiful young men and women are sunning themselves in the park, sharing jugs of Sangria and playing the sort of games that can only ever be enjoyed in the sun, (yep, that means you ultimate Frizbee). However, it’s not all fun and games. If you suffer from hay fever, the start of summer can be the dawning of a nightmare, packed full of sneezes, rashes and puffed up eyes, meaning that you can’t enjoy the sun-soaked fun that your friends are out lapping up.

So, this is why Clarityn’s brand new update to the Pollen Forecast App is such exciting news for iPhone fans. Last year saw the launch of the app that included augmented reality pollen spores and handy tips to deal with symptoms, the update now features information about winter allergies, a store locator indicating where you can get your hands on Clarityn to help combat your hayfever and allergies, and an allergy calendar to show when you might be more susceptible to different allergens throughout the year.

As an on/off sufferer of hay fever, (more on than off, regrettably), the thought of finding an iPhone app that could help battle the stinging eyes and constant sneezing sounded like a Godsend, so I thought, why not put it to the test?!

The idea of a game of football in the park when summer has just dawned used to fill me with a sense of trepidation; not because I’m crap at football, (I’m at peace with that), but because for most of the match I would be forever coughing and sneezing, completely unable to fulfil my duties as a striking midfielder and more likely to be relegated to water boy. However, armed with my trusty iPhone and Pollen Forecast App, I tentatively agreed to a match with my friends over the weekend and set about finding out all the information I would need to survive the game.

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The new features are really useful if you want to find your nearest store in order to buy hay fever tablets; for those of you who go for non-branded tablets, you can always use Google Maps to find Superdrug, (cheapskates!). As shown by the augmented reality pollen spores, the pollen count was fairly high so I set off in search of the tablets before kick-off, checking off the tips to help deal with symptoms, which are all fairly obvious but a good reminder to have as a standby. The allergy calendar is also fairly useful, seeing as it lists pollen types such as ‘Hazel’ and ‘Yew’ for different months; if you know which ones affect you more then you can be more prepared!

Armed with a box of Clarityn we began the game and I have to say that it was a relief not to have to keep a set of tissues in my pocket for the whole match. The actual game was a thrilling 8-8 draw, (the high score being due to an incredibly small pitch and my brief stint as goalkeeper), but all that I cared about was the fact that I could last the whole match without looking as if I was crying. (I’m not that sore a loser…!) All in all, a resounding win for Clarityn’s Pollen Forecast App!



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