Buildo Museum Sticker Book: Get Stuck on it!

Buildo Museum Sticker Book: Get Stuck on it!


Buildo Museum Sticker Book iPhone App Review

I have to admit it’s been a while since I last played with a sticker album. Perhaps this is due to always running out of pocket money to purchase new stickers, not that I’m bitter.

Anyway, with virtually everything appearing as an app it’s no surprise to find a sticker book available to play with. Buildo Museum Sticker Book is all that you’d expect to find, and more! You have three panoramic backgrounds you can scroll around and a selection of stickers which you can play with and place anywhere you desire.

Unlike traditional stickers, these images you can flip and rotate until you’re satisfied. Each one has a humorous or atmospheric sound effect which activates when you pick it up and some are a little more animated than others, with moving eyes, closing mouths and so on. Better yet is that when you’re bored with how it looks, you can play around with it or start all over again within a few presses.

The app is really good for children and of course allows them to be creative and express their co-ordination skills. This isn’t exclusively for kids though; adults can of course use it as a more therapeutic way of unwinding after a tough day at the office.

There are three scenes to pick from and a variety of suitable images to work with. I used to find it quite fun putting the wrong images in place, but unfortunately this is the only thing it doesn’t seem to do.

Overall, this is entertaining and easy to get to grips with. It can get a little cluttered on the screen and reducing the stickers in size to allow for perspective as well as to help you keep things a little less busy, so always remember less is more.


  • Lots of stickers to play with offering lots of possibilities
  • Entertaining both visually and audibly
  • Good fun for all


  • Selecting between stickers can get awkward
  • Reducing the sticker’s size would be helpful
  • No animation options or mini-games to spice it up


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