Bubble Birds HD 2.0: Addictive And Engaging Feathered Arcade Game (Sponsored)

Bubble Birds HD 2.0: Addictive And Engaging Feathered Arcade Game (Sponsored)


Bubble Birds iPhone App Review

With Blu-Ray DVDs and the promise of 3D TV coming soon, technology seems to be moving at a rate of knots, sometimes too fast for us to keep up with; that’s why I was refreshed to start playing Bubble Birds HD 2.0, a simple, no-frills game that has all the hallmarks of being as addictive as its angrier doppelganger.

Essentially, Bubble Birds HD 2.0 is an updated version of Bubble Shooter, which has been updated with vibrant colours and funny little birds that you have to shoot with coloured bubbles in order to progress to the next levels; if you match three birds of the same colour, they burst away, presumably going to birdie heaven. As the timer counts down to zero, a new set of birds are added to the top, which inevitably fills the screen with more and more of these winged pests until the birds reach the bottom and it’s Game Over! Think Space Invaders, with feathers.

Talk about a turkey shoot...

There are also other additions that make the game more exciting such as shooting down the bubbles with coins that you then accrue and are able to spend on advancing and unlocking more levels which have different settings and backdrops. It’s these little twists that keep the game from getting stagnant, as there are always new challenges just around the corner. The birds come in different varieties and species, some of them being helpful and the others being hindrances, (watch out for Bomb Bird!).

You can clearly see where Bubble Birds gets its inspiration from, with its classic arcade layout and gameplay; you can even see the colour of the next bird that’s coming along, which brings back Proustian rushes of sitting in a corner playing Tetris on my Game Boy, (I was a really cool kid, OK?!). The fact that it comes in HD is really impressive as the screen resolution really compliments the colourful graphics and smooth playing style.

Unlock your last egg just in time for Easter!

When you play Bubble Birds on the iPad, this is when it really comes into its own; the larger screen lends itself to the bright gameplay and you can swipe and shoot at birds like there’s no tomorrow!


As a free app, you can’t really go wrong; now, there are in-app purchases that will certainly divide players into camps of those who approve of this feature and those who baulk at it. You can choose to purchase more coins that can advance you further in the game, however if you believe in doing things the old fashioned way then it simply means that you’ll have longer playing on this fun, fun game!


  • Because the aim of the game is very simple, it allows you to focus on progressing further without any distractions or plot sequences.
  • The graphics are fantastic and the bright colours and squawking birds make it a pleasure to play.
  • It’s free. What are you waiting for?!
  • Room For Improvement

There are ads on the free version, which some players will get vexed at; however, they aren’t particularly intrusive and you can always upgrade to the premium game for a dollar.

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