BMX Jam: Ready For Some Fast Paced Bunny Hopping?

BMX Jam: Ready For Some Fast Paced Bunny Hopping?


BMX jam iPhone App Review

We all love a side scroller, right? Well there’s a new one on the App Store to test your virtual BMX skills.

BMX Jam takes place across four real world locations in San Francisco, Beijing, Sydney and Rio. Players must attempt tricks and rack up huge scores to not only unlock new levels, but to compete against friends on Facebook.

Indie developer Vivid Games has made a point of including a social networking element to the game. Where others have failed – it works well with BMX Jam, which has a strong focus on the time trial element.

The game is fast paced and the graphics have a ‘juttery’ quality which makes each level feel as urgent as the last.

Controls are simple to pick up, it’s just tilt for speed and tap for jumping/performing tricks. This is by no means and easy game though, as the key is getting your timing spot on.

There’s an abundance of stars and power ups to collect, along with a ton of obstacles to jump over, on, and avoid.

There are also a number of tricks to try out including flips, bunny hops, and bar spins, meaning you can make each level as cram packed and exciting as you wish. If showing off isn’t your thing, then there is a nifty ‘ghost mode’ that lets you focus on beating your Facebook friends’ best time trial scores. And if you’re looking for a bit more danger, you can always play around in the death-defying barrel challenge mini game.


  • Plenty of content to get stuck into
  • Good use of social media
  • Lots of things to collect on each level giving them all replay value
  • Ability to play own music in the game


  • A few different control options would make this game perfect, as tilting is not always ideal

BMX Jam is one of those games that appeals to hardcore high score show-offs and star-collecting obsessives alike.


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