Best iPad Game? The Little Crane That Could

Best iPad Game? The Little Crane That Could


The Little Crane That Could iPad App Review
Finally, after being inspired aged three, you actually get to drive a big yellow vehicle. The details may have been different – you may have dreamed of a truck, maybe a tracker. Whatever it was, ‘the little crane that could’ appeals to everyone’s inner child, everyone’s secret desire to control a 10-ton machine.

The game throws you into the driver’s seat, with seven different controls to use. Two are for manoeuvring the crane – the rest are for rotating, elevating, bending, extending or grappling the big crane-arm.

It starts off fiddly, despite relatively simple tutorial lessons. Stick with it, however, and you’ll be living the dream – dunking baskets with footballs, barging heavy roadblocks out your way and even parallel parking.

Just like the tank-engine train the game takes its name from, an “I think I can, I know I can” attitude sees your skills dramatically improve, your times drop, and your scores increase.

The are only two roadblocks stopping the crane game from reaching its five-star destination. First: the lifespan. There are only four levels are available to start, with six more playable after a single £0.59 in-app purchase.

Ten levels is very few, especially with the game’s limited replay value – once you’ve solved a puzzle, you’ll probably only revisit a it a couple more times.

The second is the menu’s terrible soundtrack. Really, it’s awful. Make sure you’ve got your sound off.

If you still feel a need for piloting giant machines, it’ll be the best iPad game ever. If you’ve grown up a little too far, however, you’ve got a strong contender, let down by its lifespan. Still, for a maximum cost of £0.59, what do you expect?


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