Best Educational Apps for Students

Best Educational Apps for Students


Technologies are evolving at a breathtaking pace. Nowadays, there are plenty of applications that make our life easier and more convenient. Speaking of education, there is a wide range of apps available that facilitate the learning process and make it more engaging for students. Down below, you will find out the list of popular educational apps that will bring use and will certainly come in handy. 

Top Educational Applications to Try Out

A student can turn for help to an essay writer to get help with their research paper or use these applications to facilitate the learning process, get profound knowledge on certain topics and finish tasks by themselves and easily succeed during the studying process. 

Google Classroom 

This application represents a platform that makes it possible for students to receive and complete assignments as well as for teachers to grade it easily. The app enables a teacher to send announcements, create classes, submit assignments and tasks, start a discussion, ask questions on a certain topic, share information resources, etc. The setup process is simple and quick, and a student only needs to enter a code to join the virtual class. 


With edX, everyone can listen to courses of top-rated schools such as Harvard, MIT, and Columbia. No matter where and what you study, it’s possible to learn from top educational institutions. Students will get access to 2000+ courses, all the variety of video classes, information, materials, and take interactive quizzes. A student will be able to find courses on various topics. 

Khan Academy

The app gives access to great courses in the form of video tutorials for students from all over the world. The best thing about Khan Academy is the opportunity to learn the material in multiple languages as well as to easily track the progress to stay on top of activities. In addition, there are plenty of practical exercises that will help students to better digest the information. 


It is one of the most renowned apps for studying. Thousands of video classes and tutorials enable students to learn about everything they are interested in – from business, technology, economics to personal development, and hobby classes. You have full control over the studying process and can study at your own pace. Contacting an instructor to ask questions regarding a course is also possible to get the most of materials and personal communication. 


Coursera is another pretty popular educational platform that enables people throughout the whole world to get a certificate and learn from the best universities in the world. All you have to do is to choose the field of your interest, find the course, watch video tutorials with detailed material explanations, and complete assignments. In the end, it’s possible to get a legitimate certificate or just take a course with o certificate to simply broaden horizons. 


This one makes it easier to gather the school community and always stay connected for better educational effectiveness. A teacher can give assignments share photos, handouts to enhance the material and make it easier to understand. The app allows instant messaging with an instructor, and chat translation is available for more than 70 languages, so the application is accessible to international students. 


This is a great application that makes mathematics not that challenging for students who struggle with this subject. It will teach students to solve difficult math problems. All you have to do is to take a picture of a problem, and you will be provided with the explanations and well as with a solution. With multiple solving methods and animated instructions, math will turn to an engaging process. 

Academic Earth

The app offers a wide collection of advanced college courses in the form of original engaging videos. There are plenty of educational areas to dig deeper in. A student only has to select a preferred category, search for a desired course and start learning. It will be possible to launch a discussion to get the opinion of an instructor or other students that took the same course.


The last but not the least is an amazing application that makes it possible for busy students and people to find out something new. All courses are divided into 10 5-minute daily videos that will cover the main aspects of a certain topic. It takes minimum time and will bring maximum use to the most curious of us. 

Summing It Up 

Every student should benefit from modern technologies and use these great applications that might make the studying process more engaging, interesting, and simple for better results. 


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